e shtunë, 23 qershor 2007

Noise, Noise, Noise

It seems there is constant demolition and construction near where I live. Some days it is tolerable....other days not so much. I have a daily meditative practice of centering prayer and sometimes it is extremely difficult to keep the focus. If I can let the word, let the mantra do the work things are fine. Some days I have to engage in a fair amount of self-talk..."just say your word, just say your word." I think, perhaps the days that I'm not willing to embrace the noise, when I try too hard to have a "good" meditation is when I struggle the most. Expectations can get me into a lot of trouble. If I can turn towards the source of life, when I relinquish some of the control (what a frickin' concept).....miracle of miracles...ah, stillness and quiet.

e hënë, 18 qershor 2007

A Time to Mourn and a Time to Dance

This evening at 9:20 pm, my friend's mother died. My friend is 24 - and young to lose her mom. Although there is mourning and much more to do - it is also a time to dance. My friend's mom is no longer suffering, she saw her first grandchild be born on Thursday and her adult children can lay down the second round of cancer, the last year of hospital visits, chemo and watching their mother diminish in front of them. Her spirit is free, open and flowing with love, I believe. She is probably dancing. For my part I will continue to pray for the family and in my being dance for her mother. Cheers, Gilda and thank you for your presence and contribution in the universe. It will never be far from us.

e shtunë, 16 qershor 2007

A Time to Be Born

A friend called me this evening - her mother is in the process of dying - and wanted me to come over to her house. I said, "yes, I will come." She let me know that her mother's death is near and after a long battle with cancer, wants to go home. We - my friend and her sisters sat around her mother, laying in bed, and prayed. A beautiful experience - feel fortunate to journey with my friend at this time. The mother of my friend saw the birth of her first grandchild, yesterday. Praise God! - Will continue to pray for my friend and her family as they embrace every joy and pain.

For Starters

Today I started this blog. I had tried once before but today was a day of perseverance. I have many things to learn - think I will enjoy the exploration. Had a good meditation and extended time of prayer - nice to have a leisurely day to ease into. I am missing Cathy, one of the sisters I live with - She's in Ireland right now soaking in all the culture of the region. Today, I have accomplished a few things - have a couple of ideas for poems, but the poems have not fully manifested- will need to sit down to help the process. Played around on i-tunes today and listened to "Let the Mystery Be" by Iris Dement.